The "Zero Mod" Thumb Rest for Rickenbacker Basses

Versions for: 4003 - 4001 - 4001V63 - 4001C64 (Patent Pending)

Custom thumb rest for the Rickenbacker 4003 bass. A ZERO modification addition to your bass!
The 4001 model is custom made for that bass as well. Very close but not quite interchangeable if
you want the fit and look 100% on your 4001 - Order the 4001 model.

If you are a fingerstyle player with a Rickenbacker 4001 or 4003, you know how there is no really good place to
"hang your thumb" - You see many Rics with a wear spot at the corner of the pickguard where players try to
"dig in" and many Rics with the chrome cover removed from the bridge pickup to allow finger style access.
I designed this for my own 4003 as I wanted to make it more comfortable to play and keep the classic look
that is a big part of this bass.  This thumb rest is made out of one quarter inch thick high quality dead clear polycarbonate,
shaped by a precision CNC machine here in the USA
. The position and design mean NO NEW HOLES in your bass!
Includes two Fender-style pickguard screws which are somewhat longer than the stock Ric screws, so you do not even
change the screw holes by adding this on. Invisible on a black or white guard from a few feet away.
As an introductory offer, I include a 7 day money back guarantee (minus all shipping).

The 4001 model fits the 1975 and onward bass - NOT for 1974  - and earlier.
If your neck pickup is more like an inch from the fingerboard, the 4001 unit will fit.
If your 4001 has the neck pickup close (about 1/2 inch) from the fingerboard - This will not fit!
Still working on one for the prior rendition 4001, as well as one for the 4001C64,  please email me if interested.
I need to know if there are enough people looking for these!
Discounts on multiple units are available - email me.

I have a small batch ( 4 left) - Made to fit the  4001V63 edition - email for availability before buying!

Please specify 4003 or 4001 when ordering.-

Email me with what you are looking for and if it's 4001 the year of your bass!

COST - 4001 or 4003 in Clear or Frost = $25,
                 4001V63 and 4001C64 = $35

I will reply with a Pay Pal address, and ship once your payment clears - $4.00 US shipping $8.00 worldwide

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             "A brilliant item. Transforms the guitar "
            (actual user quotes - Thanks so much folks!)