Roland EV5 Expression Pedal - Adapting it for
the AXON MIDI Interface


I found that the stock Roland EV5 has a 10k audio taper
pot, and the AXON needs 100k (linear taper I think)
But installing even that will not get you there - as the EV5
only moves the pot through 70% of it's range! I suppose
AXON pedals use 100%. The solution I found was to
use a 250k linear taper pot in the pedal, setting the locking
allen key by experimenting with travel. You need a pot
with a 1/4 inch (6mm) solid shaft that is 7/8 inch long.
You can actually fit a "full size" pot in there - not a huge
sealed Allen Bradley but the typical ones. Mini's are fine
as well and the locking tab will function correctly with those.
(that little metal nub off the side of the front of the pot)


Wiring is - Wiper (center lug) to Tip of the stereo plug
Top lug to the ring, and bottom lug to the other wire
(brown)that leads to the "range setting" pot which you
can leave in as is.